#1 Principle of Branding: Honesty

There are ways that brands connect with consumers and there are ways that brands keep consumers. Both goals are equally critical to a brand’s success, and at the forefront to achieving both is the same core principle: Honesty.

I came across an article in Adweek last month that touched on the importance for brands to build trust, especially with today’s current conversations and concerns around ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake content.’ Now more than ever, consumers are wary of being duped and if they sense a brand is being dishonest - well, they drop it!

The article included a compelling set of consumer research statistics that validate that, when it comes to branding, honesty is (basically) everything. Here are some highlights of the study and a snapshot of the infographic:

  • 64% of consumers are likelier to shop a brand that is honest about its business
  • 79% of consumers in aggregate list quality, truth, authenticity, and transparency - all reflections of honesty in brand and product promise - as the most important attributes when choosing a brand to buy
  • 59% of consumers indicate they would stop shopping a brand if it presented fake information or content

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In all our projects, we work with clients to create and activate strategies that connect with and keep consumers, and “Honesty” has always been one of the four principles that provide the foundation to our proprietary process. Some of the ways we ensure brand honesty include:

  • Consumer research services that mine for insights into what honesty, quality, authenticity, and transparency really mean to consumers
  • Marketing communication evaluations that measure consistency and validity - the things that build trust over time - across a brand’s complete library of tactics
  • Strategic brand platform development that optimizes what is true about a brand to create a unique and meaningful point-of-difference that consumers can believe in
  • Consumer-centric design that reflects brand expectations, purpose and promise in an honest and impactful way

Take a look at the full article (link below) and let us know what you think. And if we can help you with questions or concerns with honesty in your branding, please give me a call directly

Here is the link to the article in Adweek - "How fake news and bogus content are changing the way consumers look at brands"