About Your Brand's Social Media Persona...

Social media has completely transformed the way people interact, not only with each other but with companies and brands as well. Forbes published this article that lists what it sees as the top five social media trends that will “dominate 2017.”social.jpg#asset:331

Of the five, there are three that I am particularly inspired by in terms of how to help our clients grow their brands and business:

  • Social Messaging
  • Authentic Content
  • Augmented Reality

What I love about these tactics is the higher level of interactivity with consumers they provide for brands. And in some cases they go beyond simply interactive to reactive - allowing brands to connect with consumers and respond to their comments, questions, or needs in real-time. Now that’s exciting!

However… something that seems to always be missing from articles or discussions about social media strategies is the importance of defining the appropriate Social Media Persona for your brand - a personality that consumers enjoy interacting with and one they feel immediate comfort with because it is a persona they would expect and want from your brand. If your brand does not think, speak, or behave through social media how consumers want it to or in the same ways they experience through other points of engagement, it can damage your credibility. Not only do you lose the opportunity to create that meaningful connection, you also risk undoing brand clarity and belief you’ve worked so hard to build across other touch-points.

This is exactly why part of the Pudik methodology for Brand Strategy and Messaging Development always includes specific consideration related to social media. We seek to understand what a client’s goals and opportunities are in terms of deploying their brand on social media. We provide strategies that align with the existing brand foundation, but tailored to the audience’s social media usage and behaviors. We ground ourselves in insights on how consumers expect and/or want the brand to relate to them in general, then amplify those desires for social media. We define a Social Media Persona, which includes a nuanced definition of the brand’s social character, social tone-of-voice, and a distinctive messaging style and platform applied when the brand interacts (thinks, speaks, behaves) in two-way conversation with consumers. And in this way we ensure every interaction builds a positive social relationship for the brand.

Creating and defining Social Media Personas is, personally, one of my favorite parts of brand development. It is always refreshingly eye-opening and inspirational to work with our clients and see who, what, and how they envision their brands as real people!

So who do you think your brand would be if it were a person? I’d like to think Pudik would be Stephen Curry, but I’ll need to work on my jumpshot.