Brand Purpose: All Brands, Big and Small…

Just recently, our team here at Pudik realized that every one of us is either mother or father to a daughter. It was an “a-ha moment” that came to us during a conversation about (of all things) brand purpose - specifically, Audi’s ‘Daughter’ ad that debuted in this year’s Super Bowl and it’s underlying message of gender equality.


As parents of daughters, we are encouraged to see brands like Audi promoting these concepts, and as brand strategists and marketers, we are inspired by brands that clearly align themselves with a purpose that reaches beyond product or profit. It reminded me of the groundbreaking Always brand ‘Like a Girl’ campaign and this great article that I’ve held onto since last year. It uses the Always example to define the principles required to make brand purpose meaningful, powerful, and “more than just a snappy slogan.” Those requirements are:

  • Effective marketing that clearly explains a brand’s purpose;
  • Staying true to (“living”) your brand purpose in all internal and external initiatives;
  • Choosing partners that align to your brand purpose and can help you achieve it;
  • And finally, authenticity - a genuine commitment to your brand purpose.

But equally important to note is what is not listed here, which is the fact that there is no requirement that every brand’s purpose must be rooted in some higher-order, world-wide cause like Always’ commitment to gender equality. 

In fact, for many smaller brands, we believe defining brand purpose at a micro-level as opposed to a global macro-level is the only way toward establishing a truly authentic brand purpose that can be supported internally and externally. Plus, it focuses brand purpose to deliver a clearer understanding of value that is more believable, yet no less meaningful, from a small brand. 

Our methodology for defining, communicating, and “living” brand purpose is designed to work for all brands - no matter how big or small. We take pride in knowing our Brand Purpose work has helped to create distinctive meaning for our clients - reaching beyond product and profit. We feel humbled to know our brand purpose work has inspired the “world” our client’s brands live in on a macro- and a micro-level. But above all, we always honor the principles required to achieve a brand purpose that has meaning and power, to ensure we provide our clients with much more than just a snappy slogan.

But if you need the snappy slogan, we can do that too! ;-)