Don’t think you know what consumers think...ask them!

I came across this intriguing article from Ad Age recently that illustrates why knowing exactly what your audience thinks of and expects from your brand is critical when it comes to rebranding. The article tells the story of Intel Security - provider of cyber security software - and their decision to rebrand under the name of McAfee only months after the release of a documentary that cast their founder and software's namesake, John McAfee, in an extremely unflattering light.

Considering the nature of the documentary, it might seem like a bold and defiant move on the company's part to elevate the McAfee name from product to corporate brand. But it actually made the most sense. Why? Because extensive research revealed that consumers in all markets around the globe associate the McAfee name with trust, not some eccentric accused of murder. McAfee is synonymous with cyber security and to walk away from the name would have been to surrender invaluable equity built over years of consistently meeting consumer expectations.

Like the McAfee example, Pudik also relies on consumer insights research to guide branding and rebranding decisions for our clients. Knowing what your audience thinks and expects of your brand requires that you first ask them! If you'd like to know more about how Pudik can help develop an effective and actionable consumer research plan for your rebranding initiative, give us a call.