I Bet You Think This Blog Is About You (Well, it sort of is.)

I came across this fascinating infographic on CMO.com. It is titled “The Evolution of The In-Store Customer Experience.” The infographic provides great detail about typical retail store formats and technology beginning in 1800, and continues all the way through to predicting what retail will be like in 2050. Pretty interesting.


But what is so intriguing to me about the infographic is trying to identify what the catalyst for change was in each stage of retail evolution. Did changes in-store lead to changes in shopper behavior? Or was it changes in shopper behavior or needs that led retailers to change their products, services, formats or technology? For example, the introduction of paper bags between 1900 and 1919: was that because people preferred carrying their own groceries over delivery service, or because stores wanted to phase out delivery? The world may never know.

This what makes this blog about you! As someone who develops in-store brand experiences, my understanding of behaviors, needs, and expectations of shoppers like you (and me, and everyone who has every shopped at retail) is critical to delivering successful in-store strategies for the brands I work for. When we think to the future, to 2020 rather than 2050, how else will we know what in-store experience will drive shoppers to buy at retail over online if we haven’t asked  you and me, him and her?

Luckily, shopper insights exist to help fill the knowledge gap and thankfully, the Pudik strategic design process provides them. Our research and insights ensure my work is grounded in an understanding of the shopper and provide inspiration for new in-store experiences to keep them coming back.

It’s still a great infographic, though. Have a look!