My Best Bet for Best Super Bowl Ads

It’s that time again! Super Bowl LI is this weekend. Like many Americans, I focus more of my attention on the highly-anticipated commercials than the actual game. Will Budweiser make me cry again? Will GoDaddy make me cringe… again?  Our social media feeds during the game will let us know which commercials are resonating, but does anyone want to do a little pregame wagering on what companies will bring the best? Because I think I know… 


Insurance brands! Yes, that’s right – quite possibly the world's most risk-averse industry, filled with actuaries and accountants. But lately it seems insurance companies are willing to take the most risk and have stepped outside of their industry perception to deliver some of the most memorable marketing campaigns we've seen in years. Whether it’s that home-wrecker Jake (from State Farm), or rapper Ice-T at a lemonade stand for GEICO, or Progressive’s Flo driving a big rig - the insurance industry has come a long way from its former standard of soothing voiceovers contrasted against fearful scenes of accidents or catastrophes. Mayhem, anyone?

The insurance example just goes to show that any brand in any industry can break out of its expected formula or mold. They can go from marketing that consumers barely want to be reminded of, into ads that they look forward to seeing and talking about on social media. It’s this kind of creative thinking that inspires me to work with my clients in a way that ignites the same possibility, ingenuity, originality, and magic in their brands. And makes me sing softly to myself, to the tune of the Nationwide theme and in my best Peyton Manning voice: “Equipment brands can be fun, toooo…”