Tostitos: From Tortilla Chips to Tradition


Saw it. Smiled. Bought it! 

That’s how automatic my buying decision was when I saw these Chicago Bears-themed Tostitos packages at my local market. I didn’t have tortilla chips on my shopping list, nor do I have upcoming plans to tailgate or host a football party. But these Tostitos make me wish I did. Every week. For the next 16 weeks. Plus post-season…

Sure, I know the product is still the same tortilla chip it has always been. But I would be lying if I said seeing my team’s logo celebrated on these bags didn’t stoke my anticipation for the season to come. I’d be lying if I said seeing my Bear’s logo in the grocery snack aisle didn’t elevate my excitement for the football season - even if only for that first, quick moment. But what else matters more to a brand in terms of driving consumer choice than that first moment of truth? It certainly got me to buy.

With its NFL-inspired package design strategy, Tostitos connects with fans by evoking positive emotions of fun and sharing - the experience of gathering with friends and family to watch our team win, which in turn makes Tostitos our team’s brand.

I predict these Tostitos NFL “Lucky Bags” (as Frito-Lay calls them) will turn up at every tailgate, friend’s football party or neighborhood football potluck this 2017 NFL season. Tostitos’ creative strategy elevates tortilla chips to tradition for NFL fans. And as long as the brand continues to connect with fans in these types of emotionally meaningful ways, there will always be a place for Tostitos at the table, or on the tailgate. 

Bravo, Tostitos… and Go Bears!