What All Brands Can Learn From Gen Z

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Fast Company recently published an article that ‘kind of, sort of’ helps to further parse and define what was once one huge catchall term for many varying consumer segments: Millennials.

The Fast Company article focuses on Gen Z. You can read the full article here. But there was one particular recommendation in the article that I kept coming back to and felt really inspired by - something that I think all brands can learn from, not just those brands that target Gen Z. The recommendation was this:

“… build stuff for the communities they’re a part of instead of injecting messages into them. For specific product launches messages can still work fine, but when it comes to general brand building, it’s much better to think about the communities your target lives in and build things that make that community more fun or easier to navigate.”

Now I don’t know that “more fun or easier to navigate” must be the ultimate goal, but I definitely think that meeting your target audience where they live - where they choose to spend their time - and enriching that environment for them can have a positive and lasting impact for your brand. 

Specific to Gen Z, the thought in the article is (for example) that although they might be online gamers, they also enjoy the friendships and connections they make through gaming. If brands, any brand in any category, were to apply this thinking and recognize consumers as multidimensional and having multiple need- or desire-states… well, that’s where brands can begin to stand apart in the value and experiences they deliver beyond product alone.