Glad® and Tasty: Something to Chew On

A couple months ago Adweek published an online article covering off on a new advertising partnership between Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe app and the Glad® brand. You know Glad® and you probably have seen a Tasty video somewhere on social media: a fast-forward through ingredients being dumped one-by-one into a cooking vessel, while upbeat instrumental plays in the background, and a somewhat awkward exclamation of “Oh, yes!” announcing when the dish is done at the end.

Well, with this new partnership Glad® food storage products will be featured in Tasty’s video shorts. And while the article focuses on the opportunities created for Buzzfeed (ad revenue) and for Glad (online sales, as well as mobile-first video content that explains their product), the partnership made me think of these questions:

Now that Glad® has the ability to reach out from the shelf and speak directly to the Buzzfeed/Tasty audience…

  1. What will Glad® do to understand and address the specific needs and desires of this specific audience?
  2. How will the brand change in order to connect best with the Tasty audience?
  3. Will Glad® change at all?

I mean, think about it: If you’ve seen the Tasty videos you know the character and tone doesn’t quite match the character and tone of the longstanding Glad® brand. For me, this underscores something I believe many brands will struggle with in the future: Finding the right balance between honoring the tenets of your brand, and adapting it to capitalize on new growth opportunities. Especially when so many ‘new growth opportunites’ are arriving in the form of video content and social media, which in turn reach out to a young audience.

For now, I think there is no one-size-fits-all solution and brands must weigh the value of new opportunity versus the cost to existing equity. And like Tasty’s recipes, this gives us Brand Strategists something to chew on.