Spotify Data: From Boozy Brunch to Man’s Best Friend

By now you might have seen Spotify’s clever campaign that transforms real user data into cheeky ad copy.

Spotify 1

I love this campaign for two reasons: First, it captures the universal appeal of Spotify’s promise - any song, anytime, anywhere - by using a snapshots of quantified data, that also happen to be hilariously random.

But what I love most and find so refreshing about the campaign is the idea of pulling the curtain back on how brands are using consumer data. They aren’t just analyzing data to sell more or to beat the competition. They are using consumer data to better understand and connect with consumers, their needs, preferences, and habits. Spotify’s user data turns the table and allows the brand to listen - to any consumer, anytime, anywhere.

In another recent, yet entirely different campaign (that I love even more!), Spotify shows us how investing in consumer research can also inspire meaningful, cause-marketing opportunities. 

Spotify 2

With “Adoptify,” Spotify turns user data into compelling reasons to adopt a shelter dog. How? By creating mock playlists for individual shelter dogs, and then matching each dog with Spotify users who had the same songs on their playlists. I mean, what could be better than hanging out with your new best friend listening to music you BOTH love? Not much.

Bravo, Spotify, Bravo!