Our client was looking for a partner to help him bring his start-up investment services firm to market. He needed a story, a meaning, a purpose and promise for his new enterprise that would help it stand apart from others. He needed a brand. So we partnered with him to build one.

  • We immersed ourselves in the real asset investment space our client specialized in with an in depth category and competitive audit.
  • With the benefit of our client’s rich industry knowledge, we identified table stakes necessary to give the brand firm footing in the market, as well as points of difference that might help it to stand out
  • We invited our client onto the team and into the process of defining his brand through a brand driver workshop.
  • Our learnings from the audit and workshop informed the development of the name Arcterra, an aspirational metaphor with dual meaning. It represents investment foresight: the ability to discern so far out and across the financial landscape that the curve of the earth is visible. Also, it nods to our client’s specialization in real asset investment - interests that include land, timber, minerals, and other natural resources.
  • With the name approved and enthusiastically embraced by our client, we worked with him through design exploratory to arrive at a brand identity that, while fitting and appropriate for the financial services market, also visually conveys specialization, a modern character, and inspiring promise of smart investment leadership.
  • For our client, success is evident in a brand name and brand identity that represent both functional and emotional promises that are unique to his investment strategies. But success was also achieved through the value-add of inviting our client into the process during which he learned core principles of brand management that will enable him to ensure the integrity of his brand over time.
What we provided

Brand Platform
Key Messaging
Category Analysis
Verbal Strategy
Brand Identity

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