Caterpillar is one of the world’s best known and most trusted brands, in large part due to the innovation, performance, and quality reputation of its heavy machinery and equipment lines. Nevertheless, when it came to replacement parts such as filters, the brand struggled with its medium and small customers routinely buying cheaper, less reputable brands. So when testing revealed that use of CAT filters extended the life of fuel injectors in machinery and equipment by 45%, our client knew they had a highly compelling brand story they needed to communicate to these customers.

So Caterpillar, a long-standing client, teamed with Pudik to develop new brand messaging and a dealer channel marketing campaign that leveraged these proven performance results to compel its audience to choose CAT filters over lesser brands.

  • We crafted original campaign headlines and support messaging that translated better filter performance to tangible benefits such as less operational downtime, higher productivity and greater ROI.
  • We developed a matter-of-fact character and tone that mimicked the voice and attitudes of our primary audience, to instill an immediate sense of familiarity, trust and credibility.
  • Through powerful design, we coupled this messaging with images of Caterpillar equipment in use to subtly remind our audience that by buying CAT filters, they were likewise making the best choice for protecting their substantial equipment investment.
  • Additionally we created a more convenient way for customers to buy filters anytime, anywhere by simply scanning the product with their mobile device. Customers could now order replacement Cat filters without the cumbersome process of looking up part numbers. They could simply scan their filter and order it online.
  • The new brand messaging and design system was applied to easily installed in-store displays and materials at point of sale. This, along with the new mobile shopping app, allowed CAT to realize a 20% conversion rate for new filter sales.
What we provided

Key Messaging
Verbal Strategy
Visual Merchandising Design
Design Implementation

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