Electrolux is a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaner bags and filters, managing a portfolio of several house brands as well as a handful of popular licensed brands such as Arm & Hammer and Filtrete. But recently, commoditization in the category has negatively impacted growth and retailer preference for Electrolux brands. They needed to change this and we were excited to help.

Working with the Electrolux team, Pudik conducted an audit of their bag and filter product portfolio. We realized there was little-to-no clear distinction between brands and their promise to consumers. A concurrent audit of competitive brands revealed the same. It was truly a commoditized category! But knowing Electrolux owned many of the brands in category meant accepting responsibility and acknowledging that if any brand had the power to change consumer perceptions of bags and filters, it was Electrolux. So we set about understanding consumer perceptions and what, if anything, might change them.

  • We worked with the Electrolux team to design and conduct in-home usage studies, in-store shop alongs, and focus group research to better understand the role of product, selection and de-selection behaviors, and general brand and package design perceptions.
  • Guided by our research learnings and business parameters provided by the Electrolux team, we developed a new portfolio strategy and brand architecture for bags and filters that created clear distinction between each brand’s unique promise and points of difference.
  • Our strategy gave meaning and distinction beyond commodity for each brand in the portfolio. We emphasized positive equities consumers intuitively assigned to certain “known” brands, while also defining and leveraging distinctive benefits that we knew from research would be meaningful to consumers for each of the lesser known brands.
  • We created packaging concepts and fielded quantitative testing to validate that a new portfolio strategy and brand architecture could indeed elevate consumer perceptions of bags and filters beyond commodity
What we provided

Brand Architecture
Key Messaging
Consumer Research
Category Analysis
Verbal Strategy
Brand Identity
Line Extension
Design Standards

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