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We feel fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and inspiring brands in the world! Here is a sampling of those partnerships and the work we did:

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Pudik Wix Snap

Over the past few years, we have worked with the Wix team to implement package design across a number of brands and several line extensions within each brand. Design implementation and line extensions that we manage for Wix include the Wix brand, Pro-Tec, and licensed brands Napa, Bel-Ray, and PartsMaster.

Pudik Maui Jim Snap Rev

Through our partnership with Maui Jim, we designed a number of merchandising displays at some of the brands most visible retailer outlets, including airports around the globe, Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other premium retail channels. Additionally, we partnered with Maui Jim’s event marketing team to develop two unique mobile pop-up shops that delivered a unique brand experience for high profile events including the Super Bowl and the Rock ’n Roll Marathon series. Maui Jim also used our pop-up shop concepts to create an engaging presence in support of several key retailer grand openings across the US and Europe.

Pudik Worx Snapshot2

Positec was looking for a partner to help translate consumer insights into meaningful go-to-market messaging strategies for the launch of a new and innovative WORX brand handheld saw. Success meant not only providing impactful product messaging but also an effective product naming strategy. So we gave the brand exactly that!

We then narrowed in on what promises, as well as product features, were important to them and the emotional benefits associated with each. What our findings laddered up to were the DIY consumer’s need to believe our product would deliver precision, ease, successful project outcomes, and ultimately, confidence.

ExacTrack, the resulting product name, delivers a clear and immediate cue to the new saw’s primary innovation - a new split shoe system designed for more precise cutting. Its easy and intuitive, yet strong and confident read reinforces belief in what the new product promises.

And as a final step, we developed foundational product claims and messaging to further articulate the unique value of both the WORX and ExacTrack brands. Overall, the completed verbal strategy Pudik developed for The WORX ExacTrack saw reassured DIY consumers that WORX’s new ExacTrack saw provides the features they needed and the confidence they desired to achieve DIY success.

Pudik Aquascape Snap

We provided in-store display designs for the Aquascape team that improved shopability and product/brand experience for water gardeners. Additionally, we helped Aquascape enter the DIY/mass hardware channel by developing a new brand platform, identity and a packaging design system. Read more about the new brand, Water Creations, here.

Pudik Winix Snap

Pudik partnered with Winix to design the brand identity and packaging design system for the FresHome and Signature brands of air purifiers. These brands were sold into major retailers such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Depot.

Pudik Eureka Snap

Electrolux and Pudik have partnered on many projects and each seems to be as inspiring as the previous! In their hard goods line, we developed packaging and in-store displays for brands including Eureka, Sanitaire, and Electrolux. In consumables and accessories (bags, filters, etc.), we have provided services that span consumer research, brand strategy, portfolio strategy, in-store brand experience, branded websites, package design, implementation, and line extensions. Learn more about our most recent partnership with Electrolux here.

Wahl Design Concepts Snap Opt1

In two separate courses of research, the Wahl team conducted focus group testing for trimmer and clipper product packaging with similar goals in both studies: to improve premium perception and create a more distinctive shelf presence through package design. In both cases, they sought our experience with delivering test-ably different package design concepts to help their team arrive at meaningful research findings to guide development of a final, optimized packaging redesign.

Generac Store Enviro Snap

We worked with the Generac team to design in-store display prototypes as well as implementation of their packaging design system for an assortment of power generator products.

Pudik Reynolds Snap

The Reynolds team sought our help to design a Hefty brand sales kit to compel retailer buy-in of product line extensions and new packaging designs. We also provided support for Reynolds in design implementation, adapting Member’s Mark packaging to the updated brand and design guidelines for newly acquired Sam’s Club placement.

Pudik Caterpillar Snap

After more than 40 years of working with Caterpillar, we have developed a deep understanding of their iconic brand, along with a strong partnership of trust. Our relationship has allowed us to work on projects ranging from packaging implementation of complex Global Design Harmonization Standards, to the strategic marketing of CAT fluids and filters; both on-line and in dealer environments.  Learn more about our work with CAT here.